Final Preparations (Visa, Packing, etc.)

ALMOST everything i need for my study in Japan is prepared! Finally got my visa 3 days ago. My other schoolworks and org commitments here were also done. I’m almost ready, I guess.

With the time I have left, I’m gonna study more Nihongo. I’m really not confident with my Nihongo skills so I really have to ~get my head in the game~.

Also, there’s one major thing that I still need to do and I’ve been dreading on doing it ever since ——- it’s PACKING.

Here’s the thing: I always tend to overpack. I hate the feeling of forgetting things so as much as possible, I want to bring everything with me. Fortunately, I still have time to plan how I’m going to fit 1 year worth of my things into my 2 suitcases. Do you guys have any tips on how to pack lightly? I mean, what are the really essential things I need to pack?

Nervous but excited

I only have like a month before I go to Japan and there's still so much to do!!!

My Nihongo skills aren't that good yet so I still have to study REALLY hard, plus there are some unfinished schoolworks left, and for some reasons my workload seems to increase each day!

I'm so close to freaking out, I'm really nervous. . . .but excited. . . .but really nervous. Hopefully everything goes smoothly as I prepare for everything! 🤦🏻‍♀️

One Year in JAPAN!

I’ve been accepted as an international exchange student to Tsuda University in Tokyo, Japan (YAY!) This has always been my dream, I’m just really happy T__T

Now, I’m about to spend a whole year in Japan. So basically, I created this blog because I want to document what I think, will be one heck of a year! This blog is a great avenue for me to share all of my thoughts, emotions and experiences during my stay there.

This may be the greatest opportunity that has ever been given to me so I will definitely do my best! Hopefully, I would be able to travel, make lots of friends, and above all, become fluent *fingers crossed* in Japanese and learn more about the Japanese culture!

I’ll be leaving my beloved country, the Philippines, on August 24th. I’m a little scared but really excited!

From the Pearl of the Orient Seas to the Land of the Rising Sun!!!

All the love,

M ❤

(So if you guys have any comments or questions, feel free to leave a message!)