Update on my first week in 日本

I had lots of free time during my first week here in Kodaira City.

After our 3-day orientation, we took a Japanese Placement Test to see which Japanese subjects are appropriate for us. Their “Beginners” classes here in Tsuda aren’t really for beginners. If they think your Nihongo level isn’t sufficient to take their courses, they will recommend you to take an Intensive 3-month class at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, which, by the way, is an hour away from Tsuda and would cost you so much just for transportation. Fortunately, they told me I can take their Nihongo courses in Tsuda.

The first day of classes was on August 31st (Thursday). But surprisingly, it’s not really like the first day of school. So from 31st Aug (Thursday) – 6th Sept (Wednesday), they have this thing which I’d like to call the “Trial Week”. For a whole week, you get to attend all the subjects you want to take and from there, decide which courses you’ll eventually enroll at the Registration Period (7th-8th September).

The “Trial Week” is something which I really am not used to, but I think it’s a great thing and I hope my school will also adopt that. So anyway, for the first semester, I plan to take only Japanese language and culture subjects first, so I could improve my communication skills. With this, I can finally take Mathematics and/or Statistics subjects on the second semester since their math and stat subjects are taught in Japanese so yeah it’s gonna be a tough challenge for me.

Oh and yeah, their subjects here are only taught once a week, which again, I’m not used to. In UP (my home university), our classes are taught twice a week so yeaaahhhh, another challenge. It’s gonna be hard to remember the lessons in this case so I seriously need to work my ass off.

I was a bit overwhelmed with all the academic requirements before school actually started so I tried going to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden yesterday. I just really needed some peace and calm lol.

If there’s one word to describe this garden, it’s P A R A D I S E.

Here are some of the photos I took:


I can’t wait for Spring to come! Surely, this garden will be even more beautiful and magical! ❤ ❤ ❤

Well, that’s it for now! Thank you for reading ~~~


Day 1 in Japan

I arrived here in Japan six minutes past 11 in the morning yesterday. I was supposed to arrive an hour earlier, but my flight got a little delayed because of some technical difficulties.

Anyway, here in Tsuda University, they have this “2 Big Sisters” service-ish for every international exchange student. These big sisters are also Tsuda students and they’re supposed to take care of you, pick you up at the airport, and basically be there for you throughout your stay in the university.

I felt really bad for one of my big sisters (Sora-san) who went to Narita airport to meet me. When the plane landed, of course I still had to go to the Immigration booth, then I also applied for a Residence Card (plus, my flight got delayed) so Sora-san had to wait for more than an hour. 😦 (Actually, I’m really lucky to have Sora as one of my big sisters. She’s really lovely and approachable, and very very kawaii!! Can’t wait to meet my other big sister!)

Okay, anyway, Narita airport is REALLY far from Tsuda so we first went to the Baggage delivery booth so I could have my 2 suitcases shipped to Tsuda directly. After that, we took a bus and went to Tokyo Station. We stopped at one of the train stations to meet Sora’s friend, Mari and we all had lunch together. Mari then went off ahead after lunch.


                                     Photo:   (from left to right) Sora, me, Mari

Few train trips later, we’re already in Kodaira !!


                          (it looks like a place from a Studio Ghibli film)

And after walking for a few minutes, we finally arrived at Tsuda University. We went straight to our dormitory (Seiryo) and Sora-san took me to my room. She made sure I settled comfortably before she left to let me rest.

I only realized how tired I was when I was lying in my bed. All I wanted was to sleep, I didn’t even bother to eat dinner; I just bought some milk at the vending machine and went straight to sleep.

I’m really thankful for having such experiences on my first day! (things could have been worse!) What a great way to start my whole year in Japan! ❤

Thank you for reading up to here, I must have been boring you T__T

I’m going to Japan tomorrow!


Hours from now, I’ll be in Japan. I can’t believe I actually managed to fit one year worth of my things into one large suitcase, one small suitcase, and one back pack.

I think I’m ready. Of course I’m still a little scared and nervous, but I know I can do it. Living and studying in a foreign country will be tough so I really need to work haaaard.

がんばります! 👍

Sorry for this short post. I’ll try to update more in this blog once I’m there.

By the way, to everyone reading, THANK YOU! I’m new to ~blog making~ so I’m really happy when I get to interact with other people.

Thank you for reading! ❤️❤️

Final Preparations (Visa, Packing, etc.)

ALMOST everything i need for my study in Japan is prepared! Finally got my visa 3 days ago. My other schoolworks and org commitments here were also done. I’m almost ready, I guess.

With the time I have left, I’m gonna study more Nihongo. I’m really not confident with my Nihongo skills so I really have to ~get my head in the game~.

Also, there’s one major thing that I still need to do and I’ve been dreading on doing it ever since ——- it’s PACKING.

Here’s the thing: I always tend to overpack. I hate the feeling of forgetting things so as much as possible, I want to bring everything with me. Fortunately, I still have time to plan how I’m going to fit 1 year worth of my things into my 2 suitcases. Do you guys have any tips on how to pack lightly? I mean, what are the really essential things I need to pack?

Nervous but excited

I only have like a month before I go to Japan and there's still so much to do!!!

My Nihongo skills aren't that good yet so I still have to study REALLY hard, plus there are some unfinished schoolworks left, and for some reasons my workload seems to increase each day!

I'm so close to freaking out, I'm really nervous. . . .but excited. . . .but really nervous. Hopefully everything goes smoothly as I prepare for everything! 🤦🏻‍♀️

One Year in JAPAN!

I’ve been accepted as an international exchange student to Tsuda University in Tokyo, Japan (YAY!) This has always been my dream, I’m just really happy T__T

Now, I’m about to spend a whole year in Japan. So basically, I created this blog because I want to document what I think, will be one heck of a year! This blog is a great avenue for me to share all of my thoughts, emotions and experiences during my stay there.

This may be the greatest opportunity that has ever been given to me so I will definitely do my best! Hopefully, I would be able to travel, make lots of friends, and above all, become fluent *fingers crossed* in Japanese and learn more about the Japanese culture!

I’ll be leaving my beloved country, the Philippines, on August 24th. I’m a little scared but really excited!

From the Pearl of the Orient Seas to the Land of the Rising Sun!!!

All the love,

M ❤

(So if you guys have any comments or questions, feel free to leave a message!)